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Protecting Same-Sex Families With Support And Guidance

Same-sex couples run into the same family conflict as everyone. Unfortunately, many laws regarding same-sex families are still behind the times. This can lead to complicated challenges on top of already emotional issues.

It is essential to work with an attorney who understands the nuances of family law. At Kniess Law, LLC, we help families find sustainable solutions for all issues with knowledgeable guidance. Our founding lawyer, Michelle M. Kniess, has over 10 years of experience assisting same-sex couples through all types of family matters, including divorce. She is also dual-licensed to practice in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, which gives her the unique advantage to help families across state lines.

Same-Sex Divorce And Separation

The same law that established same-sex marriage also established the right to divorce or separate. However, there are many aspects of the divorce process that can be complex for same-sex couples, including:

One of the main reasons these aspects can be complex is that they depend on the length of your marriage. However, same-sex marriage has only been recognized for a small number of years. Couples may have been together for much longer than that. This can throw off the calculations and make laws, as applied to same-sex marriages, unfair.

Determining Custody And Paternity Issues

Same-sex couples can also run into significant challenges when determining custody. These issues generally revolve around legal parent-child relationships. If the nonbiological parent never established a legal relationship, the biological parent often has a considerable advantage in custody proceedings.

One way to create a legal relationship is to establish paternity or legal parentage. This protects your legal relationship with the child in the event of a divorce or any other challenge.

It is important to note that challenges revolving around divorce or custody are more common if your divorce ends up in family court. If you and your spouse or partner pursue mediation, you may be able to reduce the challenges you face. At Kniess Law, LLC, we can guide you through any challenges, inside or outside of court.

Adopting A Child

Before 2013, many same-sex couples engaged in second-parent adoptions. This allowed both same-sex partners to establish a legal relationship with their child. Now, it is legal in Minnesota for same-sex couples to adopt children together.

At our law firm, we can help same-sex couples obtain the proper licenses to expand their families. It is our goal to protect your best interests for your present and future needs.

Focused And Professional Help For All Your Family’s Needs · Contact Kniess Law, LLC

It is important for same-sex couples to consult an experienced attorney who helps them understand and weigh their options to protect their best interests. Call our Woodbury office at 651-393-9072 or fill out our online email form to schedule a free consultation.