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Establishing Paternity And Fathers’ Rights

If the paternity of a child is in question, often the first step is to determine parentage through DNA/genetic testing. Many fathers assume their names are on their children’s birth certificates and that they have rights to the children. However, in cases of unmarried parents, the father’s paternity is not presumed by a birth certificate and paternity needs to be established before the court grants fathers their parental rights.

If you are a mother or father seeking to establish the proper parentage of a child, we can help. We, at Kniess Law, LLC, have a wealth of experience handling paternity and related family law issues for clients in Woodbury, Minnesota, and throughout the surrounding communities.

In some cases, a mother may need a court order to compel a father to be tested. In other situations, a man may suspect he’s the father of a child and needs a court order to compel the mother to produce the child for testing. Regardless of your position, our firm’s founding attorney Michelle M. Kniess can pursue a resolution to your paternity matter as aggressively as needed.

DNA Testing

The process for determining the father of a child has come a long way in the past few decades. Today, a simple swab from the inside of the child’s cheek, and one from the father as well, can be taken. The DNA is then extracted from the collected cells and examined. DNA experts can then compare the samples to determine if the subject is indeed the probable father of the child in question.

Child Support And Child Custody

Until the father of a child is legally established, he does not have any rights to have time with the child, nor does he have any court-ordered obligation to pay child support. These types of orders are created after paternity is established, and child support can be ordered retroactively (backwards) for a period of time before paternity was established. If you have received the results of a paternity test and need assistance securing a child custody order or understanding the Minnesota child support guidelines, we can help.

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