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Paying Child Support In Minnesota Or Wisconsin

Child support is an issue that is often hotly argued between divorcing spouses, as matters involving money usually are. However, it is important to know that in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the amount of child support that is paid from one parent to the other is set by state statute. These Minnesota and Wisconsin child support guidelines provide the court with a way to easily calculate the proper amount.

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Factors Considered When Calculating Child Support

When making a determination regarding child support, all courts take the following factors into consideration:

  • The amount of income each parent grosses per month
  • The number of children in each household
  • Child care costs
  • Health insurance (medical and dental) premium costs
  • Any existing child support orders (for other children) or spousal support (alimony) orders
  • The amount of income received due to disability benefits or retirement benefits

Child custody arrangements are also a factor. The courts take into consideration the amount of time with the child that was granted as per a court parenting time order.

Modifying An Established Order

Any modifications to a child support order cannot be made by an agreement between the two parties, unless that agreement is approved by the court. If a child support order has been established, any changes must be incorporated into a court order. Your lawyer can help you understand the process for seeking a modification.

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