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Relocating With Children After A Divorce

After your divorce, it can seem like a whole new chapter of your life begins. Many people might want to start fresh in this new chapter, which involves moving to a new place. Though this is common, relocating can be complicated when children are involved.

Child relocation can be one of the most complex matters to deal with after your divorce. It is important to work with an attorney who understands the nuances of family law and divorce to guide you through. At Kniess Law, LLC, we have over a decade of experience representing families like yours across the Twin Cities area and in western Wisconsin. We understand that any issues involving your children are extremely emotional. However, going into “battle mode” with your spouse will only focus on the problems.

At our firm, we focus on creating sustainable solutions for your family. We take a calm and focused approach to look at the big picture and help you build a beautiful future from the broken pieces of the past.

Relocating Can Be Complex

There are many complications that can arise when attempting to relocate. First, your child’s other parent may dispute the relocation. Just like custody arrangements of calculating child support, the decision of relocation depends on what is in the child’s best interest, among other things. The relocating parent must be able to prove that it is in the child’s best interest to relocate with them to move anywhere else in Minnesota or out of state.

Another complication involves your custody agreement. You must check your custody arrangement to see if it allows for relocation. If it does not, you may have to petition for a modification. It is extremely important to abide by the conditions of your custody agreement to avoid being held in contempt of court. And relocating your child without your ex-spouse’s consent or court permission could lead to accusations of kidnapping.

Comprehensive Guidance For Child Relocation Matters

You may face more complications if you wish to move outside of Minnesota or Wisconsin. Out-of-state child relocation requires an experienced approach. And you can find that at Kniess Law, LLC. Our firm’s placement in Woodbury provides easy access to clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our founding lawyer is also dual-licensed in both of these states.

This puts any parents looking to relocate or challenge a relocation at a huge advantage. Many relocating families might have to retain two separate attorneys and pay their costs because of the different conditions and laws in different states. We are licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin, but we also have a thorough understanding of the legal statutes and culture in both states.

We Have The Experience You Need · Contact Kniess Law, LLC

Relocating with your child is one of the most difficult situations to deal with after your divorce, but we can help. Contact our office through our online form or by calling 651-393-9072 to schedule your free consultation with an experienced custody lawyer today.