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Why should you tackle divorce discussions with your co-parent?

When going through divorce, you have a lot to worry about. Not only is your own mental health in a difficult situation, but you also need to worry about your child, too. You likely spend time ruminating on ways to make the split easier on them.

But one of the easiest things you can do is simply work together with your co-parent. But how and why is this such an effective tactic?

There is no “right” way to do it

Psychology Today examines how to tackle the topic of divorce with your kids. They point out that every child is different, so every method of tackling these tricky topics should also differ. In short, you can look up advice and solicit your friends and family for their personal experience, but you must tailor your approach to your child.

However, they do point out that there is one particular thing that helps in almost every divorce case. It is quite simple, too. In essence, you must tackle divorce discussions together with your co-parent instead of trying to handle it one-on-one.

Why does cooperation really work?

First, it provides your child with a sense of security which is crucial at this time. It lets them know that you will still cooperate for their sake, no matter how rocky things are between you. To them, it can prove their importance.

Second, it allows you and your co-parent to discuss how you want to handle things in advance. This lets you prepare for how the conversation will go. Seeming organized and in control can also help set your child at ease. It lets you keep an eye on each other too, to ensure that only the facts make it through.

Whatever you do, you want your child to feel reassured and loved. Working together with your co-parent can help with this, which makes acceptance of the situation easier.