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Can you collect Social Security from a former spouse?

When you navigate a Minnesota divorce later in life, you may have concerns about being able to support yourself once you and your spouse part ways. You may be looking for ways to maximize your income after your split, and you may have questions about whether you have any entitlement to your ex-spouse’s Social Security benefits.

Per Kiplinger, you may be able to collect Social Security benefits from your former spouse if the following circumstances exist.

When you may collect Social Security from a former spouse

You should be able to get Social Security benefits from your former spouse if you are single, at least 62 and in a marriage with your former partner for 10 years or longer. Additionally, your former spouse must be eligible for Social Security. Also, if you are eligible for these benefits on your own, the amount you receive must be less than what you would get based on your former’s spouse’s work history.

How much you might collect from a former spouse

How much you stand to receive in Social Security benefits varies based on several factors. However, you may be able to access as much as 50% of the amount your spouse would receive once he or she reaches full retirement age. Keep in mind that these payments would replace your own personal Social Security benefits and that you would not receive both at the same time.

When you apply for Social Security benefits based on your ex’s work history, be ready to furnish documentation that might include your birth certificate, tax documents and marriage certificate, among other important documents.