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What factors impact how long my divorce case will take?

There is no exact timetable for how long it takes for your divorce case from start to end. The reason for this is that there are many factors that can influence the time it takes.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch explains the biggest factor that impacts the timetable for a dissolution of marriage is the ability of you and your spouse to reach agreements. If you argue about things a lot or cannot reach compromises, it will take much longer than if you easily reach an agreement on all the important aspects.


The county in which you live can also impact how long it takes. Each county has its own court dockets. Some may be busier than others. If your court has many cases, it can slow things down for you, but if you have a court with an open docket, it can move your divorce through quickly.

Court appearances

When you and your spouse cannot reach agreements, you will have to go to court multiple times. This will slow things a lot because you will have to get back on the schedule each time.

You may also have this problem if your divorce is complex. For example, if you require forensic accounting to figure out the financial situation, it may require a continuance of your case, which would mean you have to come back to court.

Early Neutral Evaluation

The state does offer the Early Neutral Evaluation option for resolving issues prior to going to court. If you take advantage of ENE, you could move things along more quickly.

Parent education

If you and your spouse disagree over custody or parenting time, the court will order you to go to parenting classes. This will add time to your case because you must attend the classes and complete the program.

You should expect your divorce case to take some time to complete. It is not something that will usually occur quickly regardless of the details of your situation.