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Information to help children of different ages cope with divorce

Divorce is hard on nearly all parties, and it can be especially difficult for children. One major factor that impacts children of divorce is their ages.

A wealth of information helps parents cope with the challenges of co-parenting as it relates to the ages of their children.

Infants and toddlers

A Psychology Today article looks at the impact of divorce on the lives of toddlers and infants. At this stage, young children experience the world in broad strokes, as either a trusting or an untrusting environment. If a divorce somehow results in a lack of nurturing support, the child may find it difficult to master challenges in emotional growth. This could create long-term psychological and medical consequences.

One solution to this situation is for parents to emphasize nurturing bonds through consistency. This includes regular schedules for feeding and mealtimes, as well as quality communication and fun times that involve play. When both parents spend consistent time with infants and toddlers, this often eases the fears of young children.

School-age children

Forbes provides some insights on helping teenagers and adolescents manage the school year in a divided family. It is important parents realize the complexities children face at the beginning of each school year. This is often an excellent time to speak with children about their goals and expectations in the areas of academics and social issues.

The engagement of both spouses in this discussion improves the chance of success and minimizes confusion and conflict. If this is not possible to do together, it remains helpful for the child to speak individually about expectations with each parent. Discussions about issues such as school expenses and time schedules can also reduce areas of conflict, helping a child deal with the many challenges of school.