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How do you co-parent successfully over a long distance?

When you and your ex first divorced and created your child custody plan, you both lived in Minnesota. Now, your former partner wants to move across state lines to Wisconsin.

Our Family Wizard offers tips on co-parenting from different states. Gain insight into staying connected with your child over a long distance.

Design a communication schedule

Besides a visitation schedule, create a communication schedule, too. On it, include school and extracurricular activities and special events in your child’s life. Take out time to call your child when important activities and events happen. Even if you cannot attend every milestone physically, you can call your child and ask how things went. During these calls, you can talk about your next visit and plan an enjoyable activity or outing.

Talk to the other parent about longer visits

Because you and your child live so far apart, picking your child up every other weekend to spend time together may prove difficult. Instead, talk to the other parent about longer visits. For example, your child can spend summer and holiday vacations with you. Over time, you may need to adjust this arrangement to account for your child’s school schedule and social life.

Embrace technology

Consider making regular video calls to your child. This is a great way to play online games with your son or daughter, sing songs together or even read your child a story before bed. If your child has a phone or tablet, you can send funny images, videos and text that help the two of you feel connected and share experiences. Get creative with technology and make the most of the resources you both have.

Distance does not have to become an obstacle to sustaining your relationship with your child. The right tips help you remain part of your son or daughter’s life.