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Joint child custody does not have to be painful for the parents

The divorce process in Minnesota can be especially difficult for the parents of young children to navigate. This is true even if they agree to share custody of the children, as child custody conflicts could easily erupt at any time going forward. However, a couple of tips may help parents to make their joint custody situation as painless as possible.

First, it is critical that both parents are respectful of each other. This includes not speaking negatively about each other to their children. Instead, both parties would benefit from attempting to navigate the co-parenting process in a manner that is as low conflict as possible.

Second, both parents should ideally step up and share financial responsibility for their children. This includes sharing the costs of extracurricular activities and school fees, for example. In addition, it is important for the parent ordered by the court to pay child support meets the financial obligations faithfully. Sharing in the costs of caring for the children can help to eliminate unnecessary conflict down the road.

The best scenario for the parents of young children who are going through divorce is to address the issue of child custody outside of court — for example, through informal negotiations or mediation — rather than going to trial. During negotiations or mediation, both parties can strive to come up with a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to make sure that the client’s rights and that the children’s best interests are protected during all phases of these family law proceedings in Minnesota.