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Child custody case during divorce can be smooth

A particularly challenging aspect of the divorce process is figuring out how to deal with a future ex-spouse during the negotiation process. This can be especially difficult for the parents of young children who are going through divorce, as child custody can quickly become a source of conflict. A couple of steps, however, may help to make the divorce process as smooth as possible for those in this situation in Minnesota.

First, it may be beneficial for the two parties who are getting divorced to try to minimize their contact with one another following their divorce. As co-parents, they will likely need to have discussions about their shared children, but that does not mean they have to speak often. Encouraging open dialogue while setting boundaries may help to avoid unnecessary conflict in the co-parenting relationship. In addition, it is a smart idea for the parents to use the same rules and parenting styles to further avoid conflict.

Also, using digital tools for communication may help the two divorced parents to remain on the same page as far as their children’s activities are concerned. As an example, a custody calendar could be used to keep track of when the children will be in certain locations. Also, a digital tracker can be used for keeping a tab on expenses related to the children, for example.

Although divorce situations involving child custody can be difficult to navigate, two divorcing parties may make the process easier by working to resolve their issues through mediation or informal negotiations, rather than going to trial. The benefit of settling a divorce outside of court is that it is less expensive and less stressful than litigation. Still, an attorney in Minnesota can litigate divorce issues in court if circumstances warrant this.