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Alternative dispute resolution may make divorce easier

When two people in Minnesota decide to get divorced, they may be worried about how they will handle issues like alimony and property division. If they have young children, child support and child custody may also be of concern. However, it is possible for people who are going through divorce to resolve these and other family law issues without having to go through the costly and time-consuming litigation process.

An increasing number of divorcing couples are opting for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, such as arbitration and mediation, rather than going to trial. Why? Because an ADR process offers a far more customized way of ending a marriage. This approach is also faster and more flexible than litigation.

Mediation in particular allows divorcing parties to work through their divorce issues in a less formal environment than that found in court. However, for mediation to work, it is critical that both parties are willing to openly communicate and be honest with each other. At the same time, it is paramount that they are willing to find common ground.

If two people who are getting a divorce cannot see eye to eye on property division or other divorce issues, they must take their matters to a judge, who will end up deciding these issues for them. In this situation, a judge might make a decision that does not necessarily align with the wishes of either party, or may favor one over the other. However, whether a divorcing individual works to settle the divorce outside of court or has to go to trial, an attorney in Minnesota will pursue an outcome that is in the best interests of the client long term.