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Emotional challenges a main driver of divorce

A wide range of issues can lead to the dissolution of marriage in Minnesota, ranging from financial disagreements to infidelity. However, according to research, lacking emotional fulfillment remains a top reason for divorce. In fact, it appears that violence- and addiction-related divorce motives have declined with time, whereas psychological and emotional divorce motives have surged.

Based on the recent research, one of the top reasons people get divorced is lacking intimacy or love. For instance, they may lose feelings for each other and feel that they have fallen out of love. Another common problem cited in the research is a communication issue. Failure to communicate in a marriage can unfortunately lead to distress between the two parties over time.

Another reason people reported getting divorced is a lack of trust, respect and sympathy. According to psychologists, the loss of respect between spouses is especially serious because respect can be more critical than love when it comes to relationships. Finally, the fourth most common reason for divorce mentioned in the research study is the growing apart of spouses. For instance, the two parties may become very different in their attitudes and values, or they see their lives going in different directions.

No matter what the reason may be for a divorce, the process can quickly take a toll on an individual, both emotionally and financially. Nevertheless, an attorney in Minnesota can help a divorcing spouse to tackle divorce issues, such as property division and child custody, with confidence. The attorney’s main goal is to protect the client’s rights and best interests during all stages of this type of family law proceeding.