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Summer may be a good time to plan for divorce

The busy summer season can unfortunately add stress to a marriage in Minnesota. For this reason, it is not uncommon for dissatisfied couples to begin exploring the possibility of divorce. Here are a couple of tips for navigating the beginning of a divorce proceeding during the summer months.

First, it is wise for people who are contemplating divorce to take stock of how many financial accounts and credit cards they have. In addition, they should determine what to do with their home and other valuable possessions. It is critical that they begin collecting information about their assets, as this information will prove helpful during the asset distribution process in the divorce proceeding.

Second, it may be beneficial for spouses who would like to get divorced to begin collecting legal advice from an attorney. An attorney can show a spouse what he or she can realistically expect from the divorce proceeding. If the spouse has children, it may behoove him or her to let the children know about the divorce plan as well, but only once the plan is concrete.

In some divorce situations, couples can resolve their issues outside of court. This is especially beneficial for those with minor children, as processes like negotiation or mediation tend to be less stressful than traditional divorce litigation. However, if settling out of court is not possible for a divorcing couple, a judge will have to decide for them how they will handle asset distribution or child custody. A divorce attorney in Minnesota can help an individual in either situation to pursue the most personally beneficial outcome possible.