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Divorce not as common among millennials

According to research, millennials in Minnesota and other states are not divorcing as much as the previous generation did. This generation, consisting of people ages 22 to 37, has sparked a 24% reduction in rates of divorce since the early 1980s. Experts anticipate that this will keep happening over the course of the next few decades.

A major reason why millennials are not getting divorced as much today is that they feel apprehensive about going through the divorce process. Perhaps they watched their parents divorce years ago and are trying to avoid going through the same situation, which means they will not get married until they feel that their marriages will be stable. As a result, society is seeing more millennials cohabitating versus getting married and then living together right away.

Recent research indicated that millennials are also delaying marriage until they are older. For this reason, it is not uncommon for young adults to date their partners for almost five years before finally walking down the aisle. In line with this, the median marriage age is now 27 among women and 29 among men of the millennial generation.

Of course, no matter how hard millennials or people from other generations try to avoid divorce, marital breakups sometimes cannot be avoided. The good news is that a divorce involving such matters as asset distribution and child custody does not have to be a drawn-out war. An attorney in Minnesota can help people who are going through divorce to navigate processes such as mediation and negotiation outside of court, ensuring that their rights are protected during each stage of the proceeding.