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About Our Trusted Woodbury Law Firm

When facing divorce and family law issues, you want a firm on your side that focuses exclusively on handling these types of cases. At Kniess Law, LLC, we represent clients who are dealing with simple, complex, mutually agreed upon or highly contested issues, from asset division to disputed custody agreements.

We understand what you’re going through. Our founding attorney has been through a divorce herself. From both her personal and professional legal experience, she will guide you through every step of your divorce and help you build something beautiful from the broken pieces.

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Clarity And Focus In Divorce Proceedings

Leading our firm is founder and family law lawyer Michelle M. Kniess. Throughout more than a decade of dedicated service, she has come to realize that a calm and focused approach to even the most contentious divorce proceedings can be beneficial. Our firm strives to provide our clients with straightforward advice and guidance that is tailored to their needs, while recognizing and acknowledging the emotions that may stem from the issues or opposing party. By focusing our attention on resolving the issues, we have discovered that clients can concentrate better on reaching an end to the case instead of continuing to argue the matters.

This is not to say that we back down from a challenge. Attorney Kniess is a zealous litigator, aggressively articulating clients’ cases and arguments in court whenever necessary. We provide our guidance and insight, but take our cues from our clients. You are always at the center of the case, and our goals are in line with yours.

Unique Multistate-Licensed Lawyer

Michelle M. Kniess is licensed to practice law in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. She has extensive knowledge of the laws that govern divorce and family law matters in each state and can apply that knowledge to our clients’ cases. Whatever is going on, we can work with you to address it, and reach a resolution that suits your goals and best interests in the long run. From our office in Woodbury, Minnesota, our firm represents clients in all Twin Cities area communities, as well as throughout western Wisconsin.

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Use our online contact form to get in touch with us or call us now at 651-393-9072. We offer a free initial consultation so you can have your case evaluated. Our firm responds to all calls and emails within 24 hours whenever possible.