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Divorce and family law issues involving children are usually contentious and emotionally challenging. When facing a child custody dispute, make sure you work with an attorney who can help you remain level-headed and obtain the results you need. The stakes are too high to risk going into child custody negotiations or litigation without legal representation from an attorney you can trust.

At Kniess Law, LLC, we represent Twin Cities, Minnesota, clients in a range of divorce and family law matters, including child custody disputes. Michelle M. Kniess, Woodbury child custody attorney and founder of Kniess Law, LLC, brings experience, empathy and a commitment to providing focused, personally tailored representation for clients in Washington County, Ramsey County, St. Croix County and the surrounding communities.

Child Custody Disputes In Divorce

Every divorce with children will involve some component of child custody. In most cases, the courts prefer a parenting time arrangement that a divorcing couple determines on their own through negotiations and mediation procedures outside of the courtroom. In these cases, couples create the parenting plan, which the court will then have to approve before the agreement becomes valid and active. In cases where it is impossible to reach agreements of this kind, we represent the interests of our clients and their children in litigation.

Nondivorce-Related Custody Disputes

Custody disputes often arise outside of the context of divorce, as well. This can happen when an unmarried couple with children separates, in third-party custody cases for the safety and well-being of the children, and in other circumstances. These cases may involve paternity issues, as the proper parentage must be established before a custody order can be made.

Protecting You And Your Children

Some custody disputes involve the child being in a dangerous situation. In these cases, the court will act quickly and speedy settlements are common. Whether your custody dispute is divorce-related, a modification or a grandparent or another emergency custody petition, the court's focus will always be on trying to make the decision that is in the best interests of the child.

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