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When you’re dealing with broken family relationships, it can feel like the perfectly constructed puzzle of your life has been smashed to pieces. But that’s not the end of the story. Out of the pieces, you can build something new — something beautiful.

At Kniess Law, LLC, we’re passionate about helping people like you put the pieces back together. We know the challenges and struggles you’re facing. Our goal is to be there for you when you need us, providing support and guidance on how to move forward toward a positive solution.

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Family Law

While some couples are able to amicably move through their divorce issues, some are not…

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Divorce can be an emotionally charged, confusing time for people. Make sure that you work…

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Child Custody

Some custody disputes involve the child being in a dangerous situation such as a parent abusing drugs…

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Cross-State Issues

It is common for Minnesotans to move to Wisconsin, and Wisconsin…

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Your Go-To Resource

For Cross-Border Issues In Minnesota And Wisconsin

Do aspects of your life take place in two states? Do you live in Minnesota while your spouse lives in Wisconsin?

Whenever family law cases involve both states, the complexity skyrockets. Fortunately, our attorney is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin — and highly experienced in handling family law cases in both states.

Our Approach:

Practical Counsel And Sound Solutions

In the middle of potentially emotional and contentious family law proceedings, we take a calm, focused and professional approach. Our goal is to protect your interests for both the short- and

Your relationships, your finances, your dignity, your vision for the future — your priorities are also ours, and we’ll work tirelessly to protect them.

Although emotions run high and you may be tempted to jump straight into “battle mode,” we can help you understand your options — and the pros and cons of each. That way, you can make an informed decision and feel fully prepared for the road ahead.



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Cassandra L. Suchomel

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“I also wanted to express my gratitude for everything you did. The boys and I are very happy with the outcome.”

– Former Client

“Michelle looked out for my best interests more than I did.”

– Former Client

“They [Kniess Law staff members] excel at communication and client advocacy.”

– Former Client

“Thank you for everything you have done through this entire process! I am so grateful:)”

– Former Client


A Person, Not A Case

In the middle of potentially emotional and contentious family law proceedings, we take a calm, focused and professional approach. Our goal is to protect your interests for both the short- and

We Know What You’re Going Through

Because We’ve Been There

Here, you’ll be more than just a case. We know what you’re going through. Our firm’s founder and lead family law attorney, Michelle Kniess, has been through divorce and custody proceedings herself. You can rely on her personal and professional experience to get you through this difficult time.


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Our clients appreciate the positive impact we leave on their lives. Hear from them in their own words.
The story of our firm — and our founding attorney — have been featured in Attorney At Law Magazine.
We know how to navigate cross-border issues and handle cases in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.
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